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Welcome to the Avatar's of Justice Homepage! I would like to welcome all new members to the guild. Considering the guild started a couple of days ago, that would be everyone, hehe. If you are familiar with MMRPG's, then you have probably heard of Dark Age of Camelot. We are located on Lancelot server in the Realm of Albion. This webpage is for all those interested in becoming a member or those who are already members of Avatar's of Justice. Here, you will find information concerning the guild, its members, the history of the guild, news from the guild, the links we like to sites like ours and other sites about DAoC, and finally there is a way to submit your information to be considered for guild membership.

Please visit the guild message boards! There are many interesting posts that you may find helpful. You don't have to do anything to post a message, but I would appreciate it if you would create a login for the boards. It only takes a few minutes and will be beneficial to the guild. It will give us an idea of how many members are using the site and you will be able to give feedback to the guildmaster and others in the chain-of-command.

Also, I would like to include on our site guides to leveling, character creation, or whatever your imagination can come up with. I have given this much thought and it would benefit the site and the guild as a whole to have this resource available. What I am asking of you is that you provide me your written works (for you untried, unproven, fledgeling writers out there, this could be your first published article). As an example, in your guide to leveling, you might include a section on kill tasks. In such a section you would want to include things like the location and name of an NPC who gives kill tasks. You might want to include the level at which you get the tasks and of course the class of the PC receiving the tasks. In my experience, not every class can get the same tasks from the same NPC's, so this could be important. Also in your guide you might include such things as what armor and weapons benefit you the most at which levels. Also include something along the lines of skill points. These are just a few things you might consider putting in a leveling guide. Maybe someone could write a crafting guide, another for the countryside with loc's and such. It is nearly impossible to exceed the number of things we can come up with to help our fellow PC's. I will publish the whole thing on our page and if there is some exceptional examples, maybe highlight it for the rest of our members to see.

I am currently experimenting with XML code from the Camelot Herald. I hope that soon you will be able to get the guild information from our page that you would normally get from the Herald. That is what the space to left has been left for, if any were wondering. I have only spec'd a few skill points in XML so it may take some time to get the whole thing working properly. Until then, don't hold you're breath or you may pass out.

From the offices of the Guildmaster - - Happy Hunting and Safe Travels!!
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